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Acimbrea Sensation

Emrea rodigasiana x Acineta erythroxantha

Juan Posada, 1986

Cirrhopea Alpha

Stan. insignis x Cirrhaea dependens

W.T.Upton, 1993

Coryhopea Costa Rica

Coryanthes hunteriana x Stan. warscewicziana

Tropica Garten Center (Germany), 1989

Coryhopea Freckle Face

Coryanthes elegantium x Stan. oculata

Tropica Garten Center (Germany),1989

Coryhopea Gar-Land-Uz

Stan. platyceras x Coryanthes bruchmuelleri

C.G.Esquivel, 1993

Coryhopea Wistman’s Wood

Coryanthes speciosa x Stan. oculata

Burnham Nurseries, 1984

Coryhopea Wojis Procastinator

Coryanthes macrantha x Stan. tigrina

G.Webb, 1999

Stangora Elcimey

Stan. ecornuta x Gon. horichiana

Armacost & Royston (C.K.Horich) 1984

Stanhocycnis Inspiration

Stan. ecornuta x Polycycnis barbata

R.Jenny (C.K.Horich) 1982

Stanhopea April Fool

Stan. connata x Stan. costariciensis

D.Pulley, 1992

Stanhopea Assidensis

Stan. tigrina x Stan. wardii

Goldschmidt, 1922

Stanhopea Augres

Stan. connata x Stan. platyceras

Eric Young Orchid Foundation, 1998

Stanhopea Bellearensis

Stan. insignis x Stan. oculata

Martin, 1896

Stanhopea Bird Of Prey

Stan. jenischiana x Stan. nigroviolacea


Stanhopea Boileau

Stan. saccata x Stan. devoniensis (syn. S. hernandezii)

Marcel Lecoufle, 1989

Stanhopea Chocolate Chips

Stan. tigrina x Stan. panamensis

D.Pulley, 1992

Stanhopea Frog Princess

Stan. April Fool x Stan. tigrina

D.Pulley, 1998

Stanhopea Gary Baker

Stan. Assidensis x Stan. jenischiana

Baker & Chantry, 1992

Stanhopea Goldschmidtiana

Stan. saccata x Stan. tigrina

Faulhaber, 1914 (after SCHLECHTER in Orchis 8:108.1914)

Stanhopea Grad Nite

Stan. oculata x Stan. Assidensis

D.Pulley, 1995

Stanhopea Graham Wilmore

Stan. Assidensis x Stan. florida

Baker & Chantry, 1995

Stanhopea Hesperides

Stan. inodora x Stan. tigrina

Stirling, 1946

Stanhopea Inca Chief

Stan. panamensisb x Stan. longipes (nomen nudum)

ED.Pulley, 1994

Stanhopea Jersey Mystic

Stan. connata x Stan. intermedia

Eric Young Foundation, first illustrated in Orchid Review 1998

Stanhopea June Bride

Stan. panamensis x Stan. Assidensis

D.Pulley, 1995

Stanhopea Jungle Cat

Stan. longipes (nomen nudum) x Stan. tigrina

D.Pulley, 1995

Stanhopea King Kong

Stan. tigrina x Stan. gibbosa

D.Pulley, 1998

Stanhopea La Fontaine

Stan. saccata x Stan. madouxiana

Marcel Lecoufle. 1989

Stanhopea Louis Bernier

Stan. haseloviana x Stan. wardii

Marcel Lecoufle. 1970

Stanhopea Love Potion

Stan. connata x Stan. tigrina

D.Pulley, 1992

Stanhopea Mem. Paul Allen

Stan. tigrina x Stan. ecornuta

W.W.G.Moir, 1968

Stanhopea Mormon Pioneer

Stan. gibbosa x Stan. panamensis

D.Pulley, 1994

Stanhopea Naked Lady

Stan. reichenbachiana x Stan. pulla

D.Pulley, 2000

Stanhopea Penelope

Stan. oculata x Stan. ecornuta

Hey, 1968

Stanhopea Peter Grinnell

Stan. oculata x Stan. graveolens

C.Withner (P.Grinnell), 1997

Stanhopea Plaything

Stan. florida x Stan. anfracta

F.Stevenson, 1992

Stanhopea Princess Diana

Stan. lietzei x Stan. grandiflora

D.Pulley, 1997

Stanhopea Quirky Queen

Stan. Love Potion x Stan. wardii

D.Pulley, 1998

Stanhopea Racine

Stan. costariciensis x Stan. saccata

Marcel Lecoufle, 1989

Stanhopea Ronsard

Stan. wardii x Stan. oculata

Marcel Lecoufle, 1989

Stanhopea Sarudon

Stan. saccata x Stan ruckeri

M.& M.F.Bourdon, 2000

Stanhopea Shinjik

Stan. saccata x Stan. tigrina

Tokyo Bot. Gardens, 1923

Stanhopea Spindleriana

Stan. saccata x Stan. tigrina

Spindler, 1890

Stanhopea Uli Paterny

Stan. oculata x Stan. martiana

H.J.Jung, 1994

Stanhopea Verhoffiana

Stan. insignis var. flava x Stan. tigrina

After VERHOFF, grower of the collection of KRUPP in Essen, presented by SCHLECHTER 1917 in Orchis

Stanhopea Victory

Stan. Love Potion x Stan. tigrina

D.Pulley, 1998

Stanhopea Wolteriana

Stan. martiana x Stan. tigrina

After Sander’s List of Orchid Hybrids done by P.Wolter, 1905

Stanhopea Wolteriana

Stan. tigrina x Stan. insignis

After SCHLECHTER in Orchis 8:108.1914

Stanhopea Wolteriana var. Goldschmidtiae

Stan. tigrina x Stan. wolteriana

After SCHLECHTER in Orchis 8:108.1914

Stanhopea Zephyr

Stan. intermedia x Stan. graveolens

D.Pulley, 1995

X (not registered)

Stanhopea assidensis x paphinia cristata

Offered by A World of Orchids, Kissimmee, Florida, USA

Registered By Others - Registered & Remade By Foxdale Orchids

Registered By Others

Stanhopea Baroness Byford

Stan. insignis x Stan. haselowiana

(DH W19)

Stanhopea Bird of Prey

Stan. jenishiana x Stan. nigroviolacea

(DH V24)

Stanhopea Carbon Copy

Stan. ecornuta x Stan. insignis

(DH V34}

Stanhopea Cheddleton Chief

Stan. insignis x Stan. connata

(DH W3)

Stanhopea Cheddleton Chorus

Stan. ecornuta x Stan. nigroviolacea

(DH W10)

Stanhopea Chloe Bush

Stan. oculata x Stan. embreei

(DH V5)

Stanhopea Dachart

Stan. saccata x Stan. insignis

(DH W8)

 Stanhopea Diabase Stranger

 Stan. Grandiflora x Stan. martiana

 (DH U1)

Stanhopea Dick’s Trick

Stan. embreei x Stan. hernandezii

(DH W14)

Stanhopea Discovery

Stan. martiana x Stan. graveolens

(DH T7)

 Stanhopea Direamcatcher

 Stan. Ruckeri x Stan. hernandezil

 (DH W25)

Stanhopea Eggington Belle

Stan. connata x Stan. nigroviolacea

(DH V8)

Stanhopea Emily Bush

Stan. nigroviolacea x Stan. embreei

(DH V1)

 Stanhopea Foxdale Blush

 Stan. Martiana x Stan. costaricensis

 (DH CC10)

 Stanhopea Foxdale Sunrise

 Stan. Eggington Belle x Stan. wardii

 (DH KB3)

 Stanhopea Foxdale Sunset

 Stan. Cheddleton Chief x Stan. maduroi

 (DH MB10)

Stanhopea Foxy Lady

Stan. martiana x Stan. saccata

(DH V22)

Stanhopea Great Expectations

Stan. nigroviolacea x Stan. hernandezii

(DH W13)

 Stanhopea Julie Wales

 Stan. grandiflora x Stan. greeie

 (DH R1)

Stanhopea Ken Girard

Stan. graveolens x Stan. grandiflora

(DH W21)

Stanhopea Lydia Bush

Stan. nigroviolacea x Stan. grandiflora

(DH V9 W20)

Stanhopea Miss Taki

Stan. martiana x Stan. insignis

(DH T3)

Stanhopea Moorlands Charm

Stan. Ecornuta x Stan. Martiana

(DH V13)

Stanhopea Moorlands Chief

Stan. haselowiana x Stan. nigroviolacea

(DH W16)

 Stanhopea Moorlands Dream

 Stan. shuttleworthii x Stan. insignis

 (DH 10X)

Stanhopea Moorlands Elegance

Stan. jenishiana x Stan. grandiflora

(DH X9)

Stanhopea Moorlands Magic

Stan. jenishiana x Stan. platyceras

(DH V26)

 Stanhopea Moorlands Wonder

 Stan. embreei x Stan. martiana

 (DH T8)

Stanhopea Spark to Flame

Stan. ruckeri x Stan. nigroviolacea

(DH U8)

Stanhopea Thunder Bird

Stan. nigroviolacea x Stan. insignis

(DH V27)

Stanhopea Wetley Secret

Stan. Nigroviolacea x Stan. Graveolens


Registered & Remade By Foxdale Orchids